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Avec le généreux concours de Mme Aline Foriel-Destezet,
Bienfaitrice et Fondatrice du Léman Lyriques Festival


"Today more than ever, we need to be lulled by these works that sing and re-enchant the world."

Daniel Kawka

The shortest route from the work to the listener, the most intense and intimate, is of course the concert. A place of exchange and direct emotion where the vibratory power of sound invites the body as well as the spirit. A place of sharing and communion where the imagination is invited, in the softness of an evening, under the light of the projectors or under a starry sky.


As our era deprives us of this supreme pleasure, it is thus the live recording and video capture of the works – without the physical presence of the public, present however through a collective desire to play “for them” – that are taking its place.


The magnificent auditorium of the MC2 in Grenoble resounded with the voices of Véronique Gens, Christina Landshamer, Olivia Vermeulen, and the violin of Boris Brovtsyn, which carried the message of the universality of the works beyond the venue.


The incandescence is perceived through the generosity of the artists, the spontaneity of the interpretative gesture which summons expressiveness and poetry, in an even more resonance with the orchestra.


The works of Richard Wagner and Gustav Mahler, transcriptions or re-creations by Christian Favre, included in the programme, blend into the expressive and ardent intimacy of the world of the lied, far from the extroverted lyricism of the opera. The instrumental counterpart gives voice to Alex Nanté’s chamber work for piano quartet – commissioned by the Festival – and to Sibelius’ violin concerto, all of which are instrumental counterpoints to romantic and contemporary lyrical works.

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